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  • 1. Is there any type of guarantee?

    Our unique guarantee reflects our strong confidence in our systems: The $10,000/month Guarantee is exclusive to those enrolled in our Diamond+ Program. It takes effect once you begin using our marketing services, promising you a revenue of $10,000 over any 30-day period within the first 120 days. We're proud to share that several of our students have reached this milestone within just 60 days, and some even achieved it in 45 days.

  • 2. How often are live Q&A sessions and expert training held?

    We conduct up to three live coaching and Q&A sessions weekly exclusively for our Diamond members. Each session is led by a coach who has not only successfully established a remote cleaning business but has also fully experienced the effectiveness of our program firsthand.

  • 3. What exactly am I getting if I join?

    Our approach sets us apart from the rest; we begin by taking on the work for you. Within your first week, you'll receive a fully operational CRM tailored to your business needs, a customized website, automated SMS and email sequences, a dedicated business phone, and SMS integration within your CRM. Plus, enjoy four months of Meta Ads management by our award-winning team. Your only focus will be on hiring; we'll handle everything else.

  • 4. Why not just do it myself?

    We champion entrepreneurship, yet we're aware of the high failure rate among new businesses, often due to misdirected efforts. Our solution accelerates your path to success by implementing the right tools, properly establishing systems, and kickstarting your journey with 4 months of complimentary Meta Ads management. The investment in our program is typically just a fraction of the cost of going it alone.